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How to Set Up Google Analytics on WordPress

Google Analytics is the best tool to analyze the traffic that comes to your website. You can see where your traffic comes from, how users are accessing your site, what pages they go to, and how long they stay on those pages. ...

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What Affects Server Response Time

It’s important to track your server response time. It could have a lot to do with the slowness of your site, which recently started influencing how well your site ranks on Google. Many people spend a lot of time and mon...

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Leveraging Browser Caching in WordPress

Speed is a significant factor in rankings these days, so it’s essential that you use a tool such as GTMetrix to test it. In addition to a site speed score, there are recommendations for boosting it. One of the most comm...

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What Is PHP and How to Use It in WordPress

If you’ve used WordPress for a while, you probably have seen the acronym PHP. PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It’s embedded in HTML code and used in website templates, content management systems, and other ...

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mobile friendly website

How to Make a WordPress Website Mobile Friendly

People are turning to their mobile devices more and more these days. This is the reason Google has started ranking websites that are mobile-friendly higher on their search engine results pages. If your website isn’t mob...

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Do You Really Need to Minify Javascript and CSS?

Most people find out about minifying Javascript and CSS when they run their site speed test on GTMetrix. Sidenote: If you haven’t checked your site speed, you should do it after reading this article. Google is now ranki...

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