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What Is PHP and How to Use It in WordPress


If you’ve used WordPress for a while, you probably have seen the acronym PHP. PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It’s embedded in HTML code and used in website templates, content management systems, and other frameworks.

Thanks to PHP, programmers have been able to create beautifully stunning interactive websites. It’s a programming and scripting language performing on the server. This means when there is a user using the site, the web page loads PHP code on the server. This code automatically generates HTML to display the webpage content.

PHP code is quite simple.


This initiates PHP, and the script is closed with ?>.

The use of PHP gives HTML more power than what HTML can do.

When you input PHP into an HTML script, you can change the website content dependent on various factors. For instance, someone from France visits a US-based website, and the site displays French text instead of English.

What’s even better about PHP is that it’s Open Source. You can use PHP programming software free – just like WordPress.

Using PHP Without Learning It

Most people who have PHP embedded into their site never learn how to code with it. Themes and plugins often come with PHP to make them function effectively.

The only time WordPress people need to learn PHP is when they want to create a theme, plugin, or add more functionality to an existing website. In that case, many people learn PHP coding specifically for what they want to add to their site.

Many websites help you create PHP scripts.

These are really easy to use and you can have a good time playing around with it. The only thing is that there is a possibility that when you copy the code and paste it to your site, it won’t work. This is one of the risks of creating PHP code without experience.

The Risks of Inexperienced Self-Programming

PHP isn’t difficult, but if you don’t do it correctly, it will mess up your site. You may not know where the problem is, and then you’ll be stuck with a website that doesn’t function.

An experienced website developer can help you if you are looking to make changes to your site that need to be done with PHP. This way, you will get the changes you want without breaking your website.

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