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From server management to simple site edits, our team of webmasters can help you better manage and maintain your websites. Quit getting lost in the developer handoff, and allow our webmaster services to be your technical glue.

Hire a reliable webmaster today. It’s the best first step of website maintenance & management.

Cheap hosting is not always the best. Top notch LiteSpeed hosting from $20/mo

Is your site hacked or showing warnings on Google® or Bing®? Not working properly?

Marketing a site requires insider knowledge. Our consulting leads to visibility.


Companies throughout the world hire our webmasters because they want their networks and sites to work better at every level. They hire us because they’ve heard great things about our webmaster service from another client that loves our service. Being a webmaster is more than just “uploading stuff”. It’s being vigilant, a team player, and adding value to your web strategy. We get it!

Here are a few case studies of how are clients use us, and how we help them manage their web assets.

Hosting & Site Improvement

Hosting & Site Improvement

AEO was experiencing a lag in performance with their website overall. Using WooCommerce, there was a bunch of things ...

Virtuemart to Woocommerce

Virtuemart to Woocommerce

Virtuemart and Joomla were going through some major changes. Joomla 1.5 had come to EOL support already, and porting ...

WordPress Real Estate Mgmt.

WordPress Real Estate Mgmt.

The Kendra Todd Group had a program that was written in Ruby that allowed them to remotely manage aspects of some of ...

It’s always our mission to treat every clients’ website like it’s our own.







We Make Google Easy

We know what it takes to get your site listed & optimized for Google. We’re proud to claim we’re 100% white hat.

Wordpress. Joomla. Magento.

We’re platform independent. We manages sites with Shopify, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, even sites without a CMS.

Managed Website Growth

If we manage your website, over time we become intimately familiar with your audience. We can help it grow as you do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since we offer such a wide array of webmaster based services, we get lots of questions. Check out our new FAQ.


Learn how to become a better webmaster with free articles and webmaster tutorials from our blog : How To Webmaster. We offer free webmaster tips in WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Shopify and best practices to help you become more confident when working within your website.


From all aspects of business. They all rely The Webmaster Company to help them with their web presence.