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August WordPress News Roundup

WordPress is changing so quickly that most people can’t keep up with it. Of course, most people also don’t have to know about every little change that happens from day to day. That’s why we have decided to s...

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The Difference Between Dedicated and Shared Hosting

If you’ve looked into hosting before, you’ve probably heard about shared and dedicated hosting. Unless you’ve been using a host, you probably don’t know the difference between them, which is why I want...

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wordpress migration tips

WordPress Site Migration Tips

It’s time to migrate your website to a new URL. Congrats on your new venture! Before we begin, just know that the thought of migrating your site over to a new URL may seem overwhelming, but if you take it step-by-step, ...

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How to Pick a Good WordPress Theme

Congratulations! You’re ready for a new website. This can be an exciting, but frightening experience. You have a vision of what you want, but you’re not quite sure how that will translate to a website. In addition...

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Finding the Right Webmaster

Finding The Right Webmaster

Now more than ever, it’s important that your site have a few fundamental things in place. With the hosting realm expanding and cloud hosting becoming more accessible for everyday users, it can be fairly easy to become c...

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image optimization with wordpress

Image Optimization with WordPress

Google has one goal in mind – serve its users with the best sites possible depending on the search queries they use. What does Google consider “the best sites?” Well, there are many factors that go into what...

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