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How to Choose the Best Hosting Company

If you Google “hosting company” you’ll immediately be inundated with hundreds of possibilities. All of these companies will tell you that they are the best and will give you fast, reliable hosting for your s...

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Conversion Optimization Tips for a WordPress Website

You have a WordPress website, and people are coming to it. The problem is that people aren’t buying or completing the form – converting. This problem is common. It’s one of the biggest struggles for marketer...

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Competitive Keywords Ideas

SEO Tips to Rank for Highly Competitive Keywords

Some keywords are easier to rank for than others. If hundreds or thousands of other websites are competing for the same keyword as your site, you may struggle to secure a top search ranking. However, this doesn’t necess...

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SEO Sins

5 SEO Cardinal Sins Every Business Should Avoid

The search engines have laid bare their golden rules on how businesses can go about achieving a higher rank for their website in their listings. However, while the search engine optimization (SEO) rules might be there for all...

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