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August WordPress News Roundup

WordPress is changing so quickly that most people can’t keep up with it. Of course, most people also don’t have to know about every little change that happens from day to day. That’s why we have decided to start having a monthly WordPress News Roundup. This post will capture all of the most pertinent changes that you should know and use.

WordPress Shuts Down Sandy Hook Conspiracy Sites

WordPress has decided to join in the fight against the Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists who believe the shooting at the elementary school was staged. One site owner is extremely upset over is site being shut down because it was done without warning meaning he has lost all of his content. You can read more about this situation here.

Why do you need to know this? It’s a good lesson that you never know what could happen to your site. If you don’t have a backup somewhere, you may end up losing everything. This could be because the database fails or WordPress shutting your site down for some reason. Back up your site now.

Gutenberg Is Coming

Have you noticed an announcement in your dashboard starting the beginning of the month? Something that had to do with a new publishing experience? If so, it’s not a trick. It’s really something new WordPress is rolling out. This is pretty exciting for geeks like me because I love new techie things, especially when it will look and perform better.

You can start using it now, or you can wait until WordPress makes you use it because it’s replacing the current editor.

Read more about it here if you’re considering making the switch.

FastSpring Springs for a Plugin

FastSpring is a leader in processing payments, distributing funds, and abiding by taxation requirements. Up until now, no one in the industry has created a WordPress plugin to easily integrate their system into a site, but now, they have done it. This saves commerce owners and developers a lot of time and effort because they no longer have to integrate it into the site through complicating code. Instead, they simply download the plugin, install it, activate it, and then set it up.

You can read more about FastSpring’s new plugin that was just released this month here.

Stay Tuned for Another Great WordPress Month

September will surely be another great month for WordPress. More plugins will be released, WordPress will continue to work on fighting crimes and moral issues, and release updates that will make the platform even better than it already is right now.

For those of you who are struggling with WordPress or simply want to save time by having someone else manage their site, contact us. We stay abreast of all things WordPress because we are passionate about it, and want to give our clients the very best in WordPress development and management.