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New Site!

New website, your privacy and more

Welcome to our new website! As you can see, the layout has been improved so that our site is more user friendly across all devices. In addition to the cosmetic upgrade, we’re working on a number of other things : Expan...

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Competitive Keywords Ideas

SEO Tips to Rank for Highly Competitive Keywords

Some keywords are easier to rank for than others. If hundreds or thousands of other websites are competing for the same keyword as your site, you may struggle to secure a top search ranking. However, this doesn’t necess...

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Keep your blogging real, and attract customers

Why Your E-commerce Site Needs A Blog

Thankfully, a blog is the perfect marketing tool that can drive countless new customers to your online business. If you’re reluctant to jump on board the blogging bandwagon, check out the following benefits it offers fo...

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Mobile Friendly Websites Convert Better

5 Simple Ways to Make Your Website More Mobile Friendly

Mobile users are constituting a greater number of total internet users than ever before, so optimizing your website to be mobile friendly is crucial to increasing traffic flow. As phones and tablets become more popular, websi...

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Cyber Security is vital

Cyber Security : Four Things to Do to Protect Your Business

Be smart about passwords It may seem convenient to use a password that is simple and easy to remember. Cyber security needs to be your main priority here though. Firstly, ensure that none of your passwords are simple and easy...

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WordPress Backups are Vital

Managing your WordPress backups

There is no shortage of WordPress backup utilities, plugins and even sites dedicated to keeping your site safely backed up. WordPress backups are simply put : vital to your bottom line. As a web service provider we’d es...

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