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Cyber Security : Four Things to Do to Protect Your Business

Be smart about passwords

It may seem convenient to use a password that is simple and easy to remember. Cyber security needs to be your main priority here though. Firstly, ensure that none of your passwords are simple and easy to guess, such as using password or 123456. There are countless other examples.

Strong passwords should not include any words, names or phrases that are easily identified to you. You should also look to add a mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special symbols to all your passwords. No password is entirely secure, but by following these rules and not using the same passwords on multiple sites, you ensure your business won’t be an easy target for criminals.

Ensure your employees are intelligent about cyber security

As mentioned, companies can be a significant target for cyber criminals. This means that your employees need to constantly aware of what they can do to prevent the systems in the business being infected. Being savvy with what they do online is crucially important; this means not clicking on potentially harmful links in emails or on websites as well as using strong passwords.

When it comes to most common cyber-attacks, they need to originate from somewhere. This usually means an employee has clicked on a link that has allowed hackers in. Therefore, one of the simplest things you can do is provide the best education in your company to ensure there is not easy access to your systems.

Use anti-virus software and firewalls to block and identify threats

Despite being smart about the way you operate, it’s still likely you will encounter problems from time to time. Strong firewall protection will mean you should be able to prevent most unauthorised users from gaining access to your systems. A robust anti-virus application should identify threats before they infect your systems, including warning you about websites and emails that may not be safe.

It’s still necessary to ensure that company systems are regularly scanned for potential threats. Also, be savvy enough to look for signs that there has been an infection of a virus or something similar. Things to look for include a slowing down of computers or strange websites loading automatically. If you feel your business has a problem and the anti-virus software isn’t finding anything, then you may need to invest in better protection or consult a cyber security expert.

Consider using a VPN

A virtual private network, or VPN, has many benefits for both individuals and businesses. If you are operating your business over a public Wi-Fi, then this is an even more important option for you. This is because other users on the network may be able to access your personal information or even gain access to your company systems.

There are various benefits to using a VPN, such as having your data encrypted and your true IP address is hidden. When you connect to the VPN, you usually choose a location and it will then assign you an IP address relevant to that location. This means that your company can receive data protection, privacy and the ability to conceal the location of the business. Therefore, this level of protection is a powerful weapon against cyber-crime.

There has been enough going on in the news recently to make both individuals and businesses aware that they need the highest levels of cyber security. In particular, businesses can become a significant target for cyber criminals because there is often more to gain for them. In order to be fully protected, ensure you are smart about passwords, your employees are intelligent about cyber security, use anti-virus and firewall protection and consider using a VPN.