A great webmaster is combination of a marketer, graphic artist, and front end developer.

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We know that finding and keeping a good web team is probably one of the hardest things you will face as a business owner. The turn over rate for the industry can be quite high given the demand for such talent.

That’s why Patrick Crampton, our founder, started a small business in his garage in 2009 called “RentedWeb”. Before that he provided “webmaster services” to many companies under varying contracts, but the need was the same : a web developer that wasn’t just a webmaster.

This is why The Webmaster Company is shaped like it is today. Unlike many businesses than have come and gone in the web provider industry, we don’t offer a one size fits all solution.

Having spent much of his time in the development of sites, Patrick saw a gap between developers and site owners that needed to be filled. We continue to see ourselves as site owners, and we take a vested interest in your website success.

History is great, but it's the future that's important. We're leading the pack.

We believe there are three ways to build and manage web properties. Overall only one makes sense if you are not an expert on all things web.

  • Do it yourself (learn or hire an employee)
  • Do some yourself, contract the rest (patch work)
  • Contract  webmaster management service (it’s affordable + professionally done)

Patrick started his first web property in 1996. It was an Ugly Betty of a site, hosted by Geocities – more of an experiment of how many elements he could fit into one page. Over the years (lots of them!), he found himself helping other webmasters at every opportunity he could find. Whether he was writing code to stop spyware (see part about css disabler) or working for Google Answers, he was on a quest to make site owners lives easier.

Fast forward many years of learning, schooling, and education through trial / error – he created his own web property management firm called “HostCorps Internet Media”. In due time, this spawned the webmaster service company “RentedWeb”.

After a few years of helping small site owners work on their existing properties, we expanded the service to include all services that a web developer would do. This includes hosting, website repair, website marketing and much more.

To match what our service really does, we changed the name to The Webmaster Company.