Been Hacked? Google warning showing for your site? We can fix it.

We fix the root of the problem, and recommend solutions to implement that will help prevent future hacks.

Website Issues We Fix

  • Hacks and intrusions into your CMS. (WordPress, Joomla, Magento) Non CMS sites – not a problem either!
  • Server “hacks”, such as rootkits, malware and backdoors (if server level issues are presented)
  • SQL injections, file injections, and other remote “type” of vector attacks
  • Rogue employee / prior employee system intrusions. Disgruntled employees with access can wreak havoc on your website.
  • If you need ongoing web security, we can provide that too. View our ongoing Webmaster Plans.

When you order website repair from The Webmaster Company, a real person from our company will troubleshoot your website. Not an automated , impersonal script. Our motto is, and will always be :

“Treat every site like it’s our own!”


Use this form if you need your website repaired immediately (within 48 hrs). Starts at only $199!

Website Hacks Can Lead To Loss Of Customers

We’re not immune to the various hacks in the wild, and are even targeted from time to time with pinpoint precision. Most modern “hackers” today aren’t really hackers – they are just trying to do damage to your website. This can be for any number of reasons : destroying your reputation, limiting the competition or simply just being destructive. Either way, a “hacked” website can lead to future security issues and should be dealt with immediately.

We take extra care when manually working on your hacked website. Unlike many of our competitors that simply run industry scans – we have a proprietary means of troubleshooting and cleaning the most prevalent types of website infections. Below you will see some of the things that our repair services can fix. The list is definitely not all inclusive, so drop us a note if you need repair not list.

  • Slow running CMS (WordPress, Joomla etc..)
  • Infection showing in a plugin / module / other scan
  • Blacklisted email or other service
  • Mass spam generation from your system
  • DDOS mitigation (limited on shared servers)
  • Hypertext Access file manipulation / hacks
  • Corrupt Database (MySQL, MariaDB, MSSQL)
  • File or DB injections (altered content)
  • File backdoor scripts
  • Malicious link injections / redirections
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS – Prevalent with older hosting)
  • and much, much more…..

Questions? Get in touch.