Tired of chasing down your webmaster?

Are your website developers slow to respond or are you stuck with an inexperienced webmaster?

  • It’s as simple as emailing us what you need done. No overhead of a PM tool unless you have one that you want to use. (Asana, BaseCamp etc..)
  • We log your hours against your account. Each Friday, if your balance exceeds your monthly plan allotment your account is automatically billed. (With a 5 days invoicing lead)
  • Each month your account renews automatically, and your account gets credited the appropriate amount of hours. You can now deposit funds into your account.

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Here’s a simplified outline of our website management services. This list is not exhaustive but shows you the general capabilities of our company so that you can gauge if our service is right for you. Any task that falls under the duties of a typical webmaster or developer, we can usually cover. Our webmaster services are all performed by native English speaking providers to ensure your tasks are performed to your specifications.

Shop around the web, ask your web related network. You’ll find that our clients rave about our webmaster service, because it’s a fact – we are the most reliable, knowledgeable and affordable webmaster service providers available.

  • CMS (Joomla, Shopify, WordPress, Magento etc…)
  • Photoshop & Illustrator editing
  • SSH / Bash Scripting / Automation (Cron)
  • Cross browser / mobile compatibility
  • SSL for Ecommerce, custom needs
  • Mobile website compatibility & customizations
  • CSS, XHTML, HTML, Javascript
  • Sandbox testing
  • Mobile website compatibility & customizations
  • Wordpress, Joomla & Magento theme customizations
  • Payment Systems Integration
  • FTP / SFTP
  • Unix Server Administration (any flavor)
  • LAMP Development
  • Adwords Management & Shopping Integration
  • Advertising campaign management
  • Newsletter Design & management
  • Ghost client management ( we fix YOUR clients sites )
  • Complete Website Design (* separate project )
  • Website Speed Testing & Optimization
  • Wordpress & Joomla module/plugin modifications
  • and much, much more…..