WordPress Real Estate Mgmt.


The Kendra Todd Group needed ongoing work with their older WordPress site. They contacted us through a third party (Whom also used us to manage their network) to see what we could do for them in terms of "big picture" moving forward.


The Kendra Todd Group had a program that was written in Ruby that allowed them to remotely manage aspects of some of their listings. They wanted to manage all of their website in one place, without having to use external services.

In addition, Kendra Todd had several service offerings that don’t fit under one website. Each site needed a “fresh coat of paint” and to all come together in a way that made it easy for them to manage.


The Kendra Todd Group worked hand in hand with Patrick at The Webmaster Company to develop a custom WordPress integration that would help meet the same requirements as their old system. Their older site was running a Rails applications that needed to be ported over to WordPress, without losing any functionality.

We created a custom WordPress application that allowed them to do all the same things, and added some additional features they requested.

Two of Kendra’s websites also underwent some design changes : her main website, and her luxury housing group website. We designed both based on criteria from Kendra directly.

The Results

The Kendra Todd Group is now able to do all of their website related functions from within one hosting account. They have a custom listing application tied in that allows them to share their home sales / closing data in a customized format.

Instead of having several WordPress installations (and being charged per install like many hosts do today), she operates on our LiteSpeed Multisites plan. This gives her room to grow, and at a fixed cost.

You can visit Kendra’s site here : http://www.kendratoddgroup.com/