Virtuemart to Woocommerce


Breathe Healthy had been on a Joomla platform (Virtuemart) for some time prior to consulting with The Webmaster Company. While this cart is good in some instances, it's backend management and features were not enough for Mike and his team. He needed something more manageable.


Virtuemart and Joomla were going through some major changes. Joomla 1.5 had come to EOL support already, and porting over to a newer version of Joomla would not solve the ecommerce problems that Mike and his team were facing. Shipment tracking, out of the box SEO features were areas that lacked internal development.


While WordPress is not the solution for every business, in Mikes case it was. He has a low SKU count, basic shipment needs, and simple payment solutions integrations. He wanted something his team could count on to be continually updated for may years to come.

His team also needed something simple to edit content with, without having to contact a developer every time small content changes were needed. SEO was important to maintain across platforms since they had already established some major positions in SERPs.

Converting Virtuemart to Woocommerce can be rather complex if you have hundreds of products or variations. In the case of BreatheHealthy it was just easier to map each product to a new one in Woocommerce. (of course using the existing data for each and page construct, so that we retain some integrity of pre-existing SEO per product)


BreatheHealthy has seen sales consistently grow over the last several years. They’ve been able to expand into other channels and markets more effectively in part because their base website functions as it should. Mike says they keep The Webmaster Company as one of their main partners because they know that finding great help is hard.

We say clients like Mike, make our jobs easy.

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