Hosting & Site Improvement


Artisan Essential Oils (AOE) provides retail, wholesale and bulk essential oils. They came to The Webmaster Company in search of a reliable web developer that could help them with many facets of running an ecommerce brand.


AEO was experiencing a lag in performance with their website overall. Using WooCommerce, there was a bunch of things they wanted to get done to their website. They wanted to streamline some parts of the ordering process and make their website more user friendly.


Their site was using WordPress with a poorly constructed theme. (this wasn’t due to the current team, rather the parent theme). This was causing issues when it came to simple integrations and function manipulation.

They wanted to offer more shipping options, which also faced a bit of a hurdle due to how this theme presented the options out of the box.

Some of the custom plugins they choose seemed to not be working well with others. (interferance). This led to a number of stacking issues with the site, which in turn impeded progress with new integrations.

They were also on a limited server, that didn’t offer them the functionality they wanted for some of their other domains.


Our first suggestion was to get them in a hosting environment that would help facilitate growth. We opted to put them on Apache first, and then later – LiteSpeed Server.

Using LiteSpeed server opened the door for some advanced caching options – and is still a work in progress with their team.

Second – we constructed a new site from a known, peer reviewed parent theme. This does three things for any team :

  1. Saves money
  2. Saves time
  3. Provides a solid, tested foundation

Once we had the new theme up and running, it allowed for use to see that the old theme had many issues – and as expected , was the root cause for many other plugin issues.

We upgrade their site to use PHP7+ (Which itself is many times faster than it’s predecessor.)

Since the integration of our ideas and management, their website sales have increased by 50%.

You can visit them on the web at